FINALIANCE                                                    AUDIT - CONSULTING - TRAINING



Finalliance is a is a private limited liability company operating and acting in Accounting and Audit fields. Finaliance is  listed as a legal Chartered Accountant of Casablanca.

With professional experience of 25 years, we support the development of enterprises by offering multidisciplinary missions ::
- To help create companies,
- Missions of accountancy,
- Audit and statutory auditors,
- Management consulting and corporate finance,
- Training,
- The tax law consulting,
- Labor law and company law,

Our firm works with a diverse and international clientele of financial companies, industrial, commercial, and services.











With over 25 years experience in Corporate Finance and Audit, he is the founding partner of the firm FINALIANCE in Casablanca.

He is a Chartered Accountant specializing in international investors assistance, and in bank auditing since 1999.  Before that, he was an audit manager for an Ex- international firm PwC.

He is also certified "Sharia Adviser CSAA" by AAOIFI (Bahrain),  and CDIF (CIMA UK).He is also a university professor and lecturer.